Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Romance Writing Academy offers a commission to affiliates who promote our products.

Romance Writing Academy offers products and services to both aspiring and established authors. If your clients and market might benefit from Romance Writing Academy's courses, we invite you to become an affiliate!

What is expected of affiliates?

When you sign up, you'll be provided a unique Affiliate Link.

You must use that Affiliate Link when you promote any of our courses or services in order for the sale to be credited to you for a commission.

You may receive credit for free downloads from our site, but no revenue is paid on our free products, such as the magazine or downloadable worksheets.

We will review your affiliate application and advise the % commission to be paid upon acceptance. 

By creating an Affiliate Account with us, you're agreeing to comply with our Affiliate Terms of Service. Please read the Terms of Service carefully. 

Affiliates must sign up on this site and provide secure financial information (PayPal) so sales can be paid.

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