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How do I set up or change my Profile Page?

On your Profile Page you can post a photo, bio, and social media links. This is also where you will view your enrolled Course information.

  1. This article explains what the Profile Page contains and
  2. How to edit my profile page


To access your Profile Page, go to the main menu of options at the top of the page. Hover over the Me tab. Choose Profile in the dropdown menu

Selecting Profile will take you to your Profile Page. In this page you can see information related to your school activity. 


At the bottom of the pink banner at the top of the page is the “About” tab. When the About tab is dark pink, that mean's selected. You can toggle between About and Activity for different views of your profile. Under the About tab, you will find your personal information , such us the number of enrolled courses, the time spent in the school, the number of community posts, and any applicable achievements.


Certificates can be downloaded here by clicking on the PDF

“Edit” button

You can add or change the information on your profile page and also manage your privacy settings by clicking on the “Edit” button found underneath your name on the profile page.

After clicking on EDIT, a window will pop-up, which you can use to change your privacy setting, update your profile (add or remove information anytime), and add your social media handles.

If you'd like to change your Avatar from the default smiley face, you can upload a picture by clicking on the image on the top right corner. Please make sure any image or avatar you upload is consistent with our Terms of Service and that you have the right to use the image. (So for example, please don't use a picture of a celebrity to which you don't hold a legal copyright for use.)

We've included specific information about each section of the Profile for you below.


In this section of the profile, you can add/change your account name, email, location, personal website, and address.

Only the city or information you put in the field for location (such as Planet Earth, Romancelandia) and any website you include will be displayed in the Profile Page that is visible to the public.

Professional Experience

In this tab, you can add a personal bio or any kind of professional details you would like to share. This information will be viewable by other students and visitors within the school site.


Adding social media links will automatically create clickable icons on your profile when you SAVE it which will be viewable to other students in the community. 

Anyone visiting your Profile Page will be able to click on the social buttons and visit your social media sites/accounts.

Privacy settings

Through this tab, you can opt-in or out of the Functional, Analytical , Marketing Cookies, activate/deactivate the school's email notifications, and also decide how to handle your personal data in the school.